February 24, 2012

Something Beautiful - United Grace

I have to admit that lately it's been an ugly, ugly world. At least to my thinking. I've been keeping up with current events in my husband's current corner of the world. Though I'm not happy about what I read, I would rather be aware than left in the dark. I can't do anything about it. The control is out of my hands. All I have left to do is pray. I don't have the energy to be angry at our enemies. My energy has to be focused elsewhere right now. But no matter where I am focused it is only a distraction. It doesn't cure the heavy, achy, worried heart I carry around with me.

There are beacons of light in the midst of this whole mess. The ladies with whom I've become acquainted are some of the strongest, smartest, well rounded women in the world. One lady in particular is part of an amazing company called United Grace which supports our military personnel and their families. This company has taken something that is difficult, nearly impossible at times, and from it they created something beautiful.

United Grace makes amazing jewelry, hand crafted in the United States (thank you very much!) designed specifically to support our military community. They have 3 different collections. The Signature Pendant, the Blue Star Grace collection, and the Gold Star Grace collection. As soon as I saw the Blue Star Collection, my first thought was "I must get my hands on one of these pieces." The blue stars appeal to me for obvious reasons. 
Photograph from unitedgrace.com

This is not the cheaply made, fake metal "Support Our Troops" jewelry that you find at the kiosks in the BX/PX. This is the real deal. Real stones, and real metals. The only way I can describe it is beautiful. United Grace has done a wonderful job of creating and crafting their products.

I have a tendency to take anything concerning the military personally. It is my lifestyle, my husband's career, and my family's livelihood. I am impressed and truly touched that someone thought enough of us to create a company tailored specifically for us. It reminds me that even though we remain a faceless, nameless entity to the majority of Americans, we are not forgotten.

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