June 21, 2011

Pre-pre-pre Packing.

I carry the baby onboard and we settle into our seats as quickly and efficiently as possible. She and I have the window seats, and my husband and son are across the aisle. It's a full flight of course but at least all four of us have a seat to ourselves. That makes the prospect of a lengthy flight a little easier to deal with.

We've been up since 1AM, the kids are cranky. I'm looking forward to getting airborne, feeding the baby, and possibly getting everyone to sleep. Alas, it's not to be. No sooner are we taxiing down the runway, than both kids start. My son is hungry and bored, the baby is screaming because she hates being strapped into anything. I have no snacks, no entertainment, NO CARRY ON!?! Did I mention it is a FULL flight? 

Aaaaaaannnnd my nightmare begins. Yes, I've actually started having nightmares about our ensuing trip. Can we say "high strung"? Being high strung and anal is only part of my charm! The ability to anticipate and prepare for any given situation is the other. So has begun my quest for items, games, toys, anything really, to put, and that will fit, into our kiddie-flight-o-fun bag. Stuff that's made the list includes homemade puzzles, my son's video game thingy and games (which we will put in later), extra batteries, an assortment of snacks, rattles, and other not-too-obnoxious baby toys, magazines, a few children's books, (insert any other ideas here please!!). We are stock piling cheap entertaining things to to keep the kids busy for a couple days worth of traveling. And to ensure that they aren't bored with most of the items, they aren't allowed to use or play with them until we begin our journey. (Mean Mommy!)

It's not that I've never traveled with small children before, I've just never traveled with 2 of them on a plane that I can't pull over to the nearest rest stop when we all need a break. Its the task of keeping 2 young children happy for hours, and hours, and hours, in the confined seating of coach class that seems more than a little daunting. Obviously we are not the first, nor will we be the last family to have to do this, so I guess I'm hoping for a miracle, and a plane full of other families with kids just like mine.

So, help a mommy out, and give me some of your travel tips, ideas, toys, games, and other great ways your family survives traveling! I would really appreciate it!

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  1. You sound a lot like me - I would totally be worrying/thinking about this way ahead of time. While I've not flown with the kids on a flight as long as you will be taking, we've used a portable DVD player or our laptop for the kids to watch videos. It works for a little while! Good luck and best wishes!!