March 18, 2011

Sorting Through the "Rubble" (our junk)

We have a huge job ahead of us. We have to decide what to take, what to sell, what to donate, and what to trash. In the grand scheme of things. . . oh wait, yep, we really do have that much crap. We have a house full of 8 years of marriage, and two kids worth of stuff. Now we need to downsize to our minimum. To our basics.

The thought of how much there actually is to do in the coming months is really overwhelming. But this is where my husband and I need to work together to make the task a little bit easier on both of us. I've already come to realize that clear communication is very essential in accomplishing this and coming out no more worse for the wear on the other side. So far I've compiled a spreadsheet of essential items that must, must, must come with us to Japan. This list includes our furniture, most of our kitchen stuff, clothing, kid paraphernalia, etc. Then I have a list of wish items. These are things I would like to take if there is space (weight allowance) left. These are things that my husband refers to as dust catchers. I think of them quite differently. These are the things that make our house a home. The little things that I've collected over the years, precious items that have sentimental value to me. These are things that will help me feel at home no matter where in the world we happen to be.

Then there is the list of stuff that can go. Wherever it goes I don't really care, but it can't stay here. These things include old baby clothes that no longer fit the kids, toys they no longer play with, clothes that I no longer wear or don't fit well anymore, kitchen items that we don't need to have, and furniture that's just filling up rooms, or broken, or that we just plain don't have to have.

I am by no means a hoarder, but the process of getting rid of things goes much deeper than you'd think. There are a lot of emotional attachments to certain things that we just can't take with us. I stay positive about this whole thing by thinking of this as a chance to get rid of the excess. I will always have my memories, and I don't really want to move with all of our crap. Quite frankly, if its been in a box since we moved the last time (a little over a year ago) then I guess we really don't need it. It clearly hasn't been missed.

We have to sort through the closet in the office/guest room, the closet in my son's room, the closet in my daughter's room, I have to sort through my clothes, and then we have to tackle the dreaded garage. Overall it will get done in time. 4 months and counting, and it's going to go by quick.

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