July 6, 2011

I Don't Know How Anyone PCS'd Before Facebook

Summer is PCS season. This is evidenced by the fact that yet another of my military wife girlfriends is moving from their home near Fort Benning onto post at Fort Polk. And she's doing it while her husband is still overseas. She deserves my utmost respect for that. She made a comment the other day that struck me as so incredibly true. 

I don't know how anyone PCS'd before Facebook.

I'm sure she made the comment jokingly because really, we CAN live without Facebook, but for those of us who have friends strewn all over the world, Facebook is the most convenient way to keep up with each other. So with one week until her movers come to pack her up, she was on Facebook asking for advice, tips, or any suggestions on how to make her PCS smoother for her young daughter and herself.

I have been addicted to the Internet since I found out about the location of our PCS. And thanks to a good friend I left behind in Savannah, I am now Facebook friends with one of her friends who already lives on Okinawa. Super thanks to this new friend, who has been patiently answering all of my questions about everything from housing, to life on this island, to tips for the plane ride. We've even made plans to meet up once I arrive, thus I already have a friend on the island. Having this kind of immediate access to information has made this move so much easier on me. 

I cannot imagine how it was for military wives before there was instant access to infinite information. I cannot imagine the stress of anticipation there was as they prepared for such a move. I would think there would have been a lot of letter writing, and phone calls. So I've never been more thankful for the convenience of modern technology as I am today. Even as my questions get answered, I come up with more questions, and instead of having to wait until my husband can gather the info, or having to call and bother a person, I can log on to the Internet and find the answers myself.

God bless the Internet, and all of my Facebook friends too!

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