May 11, 2011

Getting Antsy

The countdown to insanity has begun. I can now number the weeks we have left on our native soil on two hands. And I'm not even using all of my fingers. Technically all U.S military bases count as U.S soil, but whatever. Unless its the continental U.S. it doesn't friggin count.

What's been done in my house? Nothing. Procrastination is my middle name. Add to that the fact that we've all been sicker than dogs for 2+ weeks. At this point I'm not really sure what to do with the stuff that is left. I feel bad throwing it away but most of it is in too poor shape to donate. So it sits.

I started looking at what kind of housing we qualify for according to the Air Force. Since they are the ones that organize housing over there, that is who we report to when we arrive. I was a little nervous because a lot of people said that since our kids are very young we will only qualify for a 2 bedroom house/apartment. The kids are supposed to share a room until one of them is 6. But thank god for my husband's rank, we qualify for a 3 bedroom house. After looking online, not all 3 bedroom homes are created equal. Some have a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, three bedrooms, and thats it. Others have a basement (surprising) a study, a screened in porch or more. Guess which ones I am pulling for?! I've started taking measurements of a worst case scenario and figuring out how our fairly large and modern furniture will fit in the smaller housing. We are moving 2600 square feet of house into no more than 1300 square feet of military housing. Time to get creative.

The following days and weeks will be full and fast. My husband will be in his version of finals in the coming days, and then we have leave to enjoy what is left of our time. At the moment our plan is to have transportation come and pack up our stuff shortly after graduation. Then we will head to Disney World for a week with the kids, and then spend the remainder of our time in the Midwest with our families.

It's going to be sad to leave on that final plane. It's going to be hard to say goodbye for the last time before we move to the other side of the planet for a few years, but I am more than looking forward to getting on with things, and I can't wait to greet the land of the rising sun with a great big "Here we are!".

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